Who we are

About Salam for Cultural Communication

SALAM Project for Cultural Communication was founded in 2015, as a national project that aims to spread cultural communication, build bridges of communication with diverse peoples and cultures and enhance the positive mental image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and promote its international standing.

SALAM is based on three main directions: knowledge building, empowerment, and effective practice.

Knowledge building is promoted by conducting research studies, developing reports, setting indicators in cultural communication and mental image, while feeding SALAM Knowledge Hub on such strengths. Taken together, for SALAM to achieve empowerment, it builds and develops national capabilities through a series of qualification, educational and orientation programs.

SALAM supports active participation by developing and supporting community initiatives that build bridges for cultural communication between various cultures. SALAM believes that these efforts will be optimized through local and international partnerships of shared goals, and the adoption of best institutional practices to ensure sustainable resources of cultural communication.


To Be a Pioneer in Cultural Communication


To communicate culturally with the world, driven by the shared human values, contributing to building knowledge, capability development and effective engagement in enhancing the position of Kingdom globally.

Salam Values






Salam Objectives

To contribute to building an intellectual and knowledge-based system for human shared principles

To develop capabilities and competencies in cultural communication

To develop potential avenues for cultural communication across different cultures and societies

To establish and develop strategic partnerships at the local and global levels

To achieve institutional excellence

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