Salam Stories


It is an interactive platform with diverse backgrounds and disciplines that hosts several Saudi and international personalities with a shared interest in the Saudi culture and society, to present their real experiences deeply set and felt throughout the Saudi society. Taken together, this would help to enhance the positive image of the Kingdom and to further highlight the Saudi substantial contributions to promoting coexistence and tolerance, while promoting human rapprochement and bringing different cultures closer in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which emphasizes the importance of promoting coexistence and cultural communication among peoples and societies.

Goals of SALAM Stories

To present the experiences of international and local figures, highlighting the Kingdom's vital role in disseminating the concepts of peace and coexistence

To enhance cultural communication between the Kingdom and the world by publicizing the cultural, economic and developmental achievements of the Kingdom

To highlight the depth of human and cultural heritage as well as real coexistence of the Saudi society with other races, ethnicities, cultures and religions



Highlights of Salam Stories