Salam Publications


The Knowledge Hub carries out research projects relevant to the mental image and cultural communication, which represents the goals of Salam's project. Since the establishment of Salam in 2015, the Knowledge Hub has released about (80) publications, including research studies, books, reports and indicators. The publications address procedural scientific topics represented in a series of mental image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among other peoples and societies, a series of special reports, a twenty-fact series about the Kingdom not covered by the international media, a series of issues and challenges, a series of educational materials for Salam's programs, and a series of well-known figures, organizations and indicators , a series of international reports on the Kingdom, and the diplomatic pouch, which includes answers to the most important questions faced by diplomats, scholars, and Saudi visitors in other countries.

Publications Series

Overview: This series includes numerous facts and figures, showing the progress of development and modernization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across different fields, including the economic, scientific, artistic, sport, tourism, and security areas. It aims to show the true reality of the Kingdom and represent an image that well represents the Saudi position at the regional and global levels. Moreover, the series aims to help those interested in the Kingdom, including international institutions, research centers, press releases and famous figures to better learn more about the reality of the Kingdom, the renaissance it is bringing off and the future it seeks to create. The Facts-and-Figures Series has many reports including:

Overview: Salam encourages a series of in-depth research and university dissertations relevant to the mental image of the Kingdom. This study makes up the first part of the series.

Overview: It is a cultural series that supports the training and rehabilitation projects and programs implemented by Salam Project at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in areas of mental image, coexistence and cultural communication. The series is based on the national mandate assigned to Salam in transferring and sharing expertise, and development of special capabilities to enhance the positive image of the Kingdom and the means of cultural communication with other peoples and countries. Moreover, the series includes twenty publications, aimed at deepening the knowledge-based enrichment of those enrolled in Salam programs of mental image and cultural communication. It contains twenty publications that addresses the issues of mental image and cultural communication. The Educational Materials Series has many key publications, including:

Overview: This Educational Materials represent publications in relations to preparing young leaders for global dialogue in different areas and subjects.

Overview: This series illustrates a list of the most prominent influential figures and organizations at the international level, from different nationalities and interests.

Overview: The Twenty-Fact Series about the Kingdom uncovered by the international media highlights the cultural facts and achievements of the Kingdom that are brushed aside by the traditional media or social media, such as the Kingdom's substantial achievements, par excellence, in counterterrorism, empowering women and enhancing education. The Twenty-Fact Series has many key studies, including:

Overview: It features a nine-study series of focused and concise literature addressing issues of critical relevance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the mental image. The Special Reports Series has many parts including:

Overview: This is a special series that monitors and addresses the issues and challenges raised by international reports towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such as issues related to religious freedoms, public freedoms, and human and women's rights.

Overview: These are periodic sub-indicators of the mental image components of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It constitutes a general indicator of the Kingdom's image in international reports in several countries around the world. The series of indicators currently consists of two indicators: The Women’s Issues indicator and The Terrorism indicator.

Overview: This series provides the detailed dynamics of the mental image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as shaped across several European, Muslim and Arab countries. The series features the overarching characteristics, type, trends and the factors affecting the mental image. Coupled with this series were several research studies pertinent to the mental image of the Kingdom, such as improvement mechanisms, the role of Saudi universities in shaping the mental image and the effect of the negative use of social media, aimed at stereotyping. This series has many studies including: