Discover Saudi Arabia


Deeply steeped in the resounding beauty of our rich ancient regions best showcased in AL-ULA and DIRIYAH and the driving ambition of our future mega projects in NEOM and QIDDIYA, the lure of nature across the palm-fringed, balmy and sun-kissed beach of the Red Sea and the towering heights of AL-SOUDA in the south of the Kingdom, and the spellbinding excitement and visceral thrill of snowfall over the heights of JABAL AL-LAWZ in Tabuk, the appealing eye-catching features of the unique diversity which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is endowed with make up a panoramic painting that best showcases the different regions of tourist attraction. Taken together, tourists at home and abroad can better learn about the rich diversity of cultures and coexistence between different races, ethnicities and nationalities brought closer on the soil of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


AL-ULA, beyond compare, is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Carved in richly beautiful places that resonate with natural and human heritage, AL-ULA features a valley of green oases, towering sandstone mountains, and ancient cultural sites dating back thousands of years. Equally important, AL-ULA is a meeting place for human civilizations as it was the capital of the two kingdoms of DADAN and LAHYAN. Of great note, HEGER is the southern capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. The Winter TANTORA Season hosted in AL-ULA is one of the Saudi enthralling seasons, in which a variety of festive events are held from December to March of every year.

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Riyadh Season

Riyadh season is exceptionally mind-blowing and heartwarming, which creates an enthralling world. It best aims to transform Riyadh into a global tourist destination for fans to enjoy cultural, entertainment and recreational events, making it a shopping destination and a centerpiece for local and global cuisine.

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Saudi Winter

Feast your eyes on the drifting and melting flakes of snow falling on the tops of JABAL AL-LAWZ, par excellence, while turning it into a dusting white carpet of snow, which resonates with elegance and beauty to winter in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Against a backdrop of such paradise-like alluring scenery, visitors coming from everywhere are wholeheartedly received to enjoy a rich tourism experience, in which the lure of nature dances to the tune of the splendor and anciently deep-rooted area, that brings to life a wealth of antiquity and history. The Saudi Winter Season kicks off every winter, featuring a variety of events in different regions of the Kingdom.

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