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Diraya Program اقرأ أكثر


It is a national educational program concerned with developing national capabilities participating in regional and international forums and events, and provide them with knowledge base, set of skills, and positivity in cultural communication to highlight the positive image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by carrying out specific topics and activities to enable the participants to better communicate with different societies and cultures and enhance their empowerment of a positive and influential presence in global participation.


To build national capabilities eligible to participate in international meetings

To increase the participant's knowledge, skills and experiences on international issues raised about the Kingdom and their impact

To provide delegations with objective facts about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its regional and international position

Participants acquire the necessary skills to convey a cultural image that best reflects the Kingdom's position

To enhance partnerships with government sectors in preparing delegations to participate in international conferences and events and promote cultural communication

About the program

The target group includes employees of government entities whose jobs require representing the Kingdom in international forums, such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops.
Twenty training hours over four days.
  • The applicant must be nominated by his or her employer after filling out the official form.
  • The candidate shall have an interest in international participations.
  • A copy of the approval of the reference must be attached.
  • English Proficiency.
  • Wide-ranging and rich content.
  • Ample Opportunities conducive for cultural communication to better understand different cultures and civilizations.
  • Integrated learning elements.
  • Partnership with local and international subject-matter experts and specialists in cultural communication and mental image build-up.
  • Application of best practices in the areas of mental image build-up.
  • Accredited certificate from Salam Cultural Communication.
  • Opportunities for job-related practice.

To register for Diraya Program