Salam for Cultural Communication
Salam For Cultural Cmommunication
Salam for Cultural Communication

Salam for Cultural Communication was launched in 2015 to promote mutual understanding of various aspects of cultures by utilizing communication channels; and to exchange and mediate cultural differences between Saudis and the world.

Salam through its programs and initiatives shed the light on the rich Saudi culture and the Kingdom’s ambitious nation.


Salam Goals:

  • Increase Diversity Awareness.
  • Promote Intercultural Communication.
  • Break Down the Cultural Stereotypes.


Salam Components:

  • Studies and Research.
  • Digital Platforms.
  • Programs and Initiatives.
  • Meetings and Conferences.


Salam Programs:

  • Youth Leadership Program:
    (YLP) is designed to link young Saudis with the world’s youth through preparing them as promising leaders that are ready to shake hands with the global community.
  • Salam Short Films Competition:
    The competition targets creative young Saudis in the short film-making industry. It encourages them to discover their true talents and support them to present themselves in a way that reflects the true nature of the Saudi society.
  • Salam Stories:
    An interactive platform that gathers inspiring Saudis and individuals from around the globe with a diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds. However, they have a shared interest in the Saudi society and culture.
  • Tawasul:
    Salam organizes meetings that bring the Saudi youth together with individuals from around the globe to enhance the spirit of mutual dialogue and cultural communication.


Studies and Research:

The in-depth publications, studies and research carried out by Salam provide facts about the Kingdom in various areas, which showcase phenomenal achievements and developments across the Kingdom within the framework of Vision 2030.