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Riyadh Season

Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority Turki Bin Abdulmohsen Al Sheikh, chairman of Riyadh Season, officially announced the countdown for the upcoming Riyadh Season, the biggest Saudi Season. Riyadh Season will take place from the Oct. 11 till mid-December of 2019. It will be hosted spanning an area of 14 million square meters featuring 12 zones divided into six main zones and six branch, which include: (1) Riyadh Boulevard, (2) Riyadh Front (3) Riyadh Car Exhibition (4) Riyadh Winter Wonderland (5) Riyadh Sports Arenas (6) Diplomatic Quarters (7) AlMuraba’a (8) AlMalaz (9) Wadi Namar (10) Riyadh Beat (11) Riyadh Safari (12) Riyadh Sahara within the capital city. Officially announced via a video message launched by Al Sheikh via his personal Twitter account @Turki_alalshikh, the GEA chief promised the audience that the Saudi Arabia’s biggest season yet will offer over 100 events, activities and programs catering to various age groups and interests. Riyadh Season is one of the Saudi Seasons launched with the aim of developing Saudi Arabia as a main global tourism destination; building on the progression of the entertainment industry as a component with the national economy within the Vision of 2030. Reflecting on its theme ‘Imagine’ Riyadh Season brings to the world Saudi Arabia’s booming capital as the promise of Riyadh through an array of events, programs, and activities within the 12 zones. Source: