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Salam For Cultural Cmommunication


Diriyah is the capital of the first Saudi State, established in 1745 (1158H) and is still an area of beauty and grandeur; the city of steadfastness. It was the political stronghold of the first Saudi State, located 21 miles (35 km) on the northwestern outskirts of the Saudi capital Riyadh and sits on the banks of the valley Hanifa. It is the Kingdom’s second UNESCO World Heritage Site with plenty to explore including the Al-Turaif Quarter, which was the seat of government and original home of the Saudi Royal

Wadi Hanifah

It is one of the longest open areas for hiking in Riyadh. It is 80 km long, starting from the north of Prince Salman Road to Al Hair in the south. It contains walkways, seating, parks, lakes, and more than 50,000 trees and 7,000 palm trees which added to the charm of the place.

The Edge of the World

It is one of the most magnificent natural attractions in the world and it attracts a lot of adventurers. It represents the end of Tuwaiq mountain range.

Al Reem International circuit

This racing circuit for sport cars and motorbikes is in Riyadh. Situated in the middle of the desert the circuit is 3.8 km (2.36 miles) long and is equipped with all services and safety tools. It also has an academy for those wanting to learn racing skills.