Diversity of climate in Saudi Arabia


Diversity of climate in Saudi Arabia

  • 28 November 2016
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Huge area and the variety of terrain of the Kingdom is reflected in its climate, which is characterized by its diversity throughout the year. This has made it a seamless tourism resort, where you can spend and enjoy most beautiful seasons in different places in different times of the year. For instance, in the same year, the weather varies from province to province depending on whether you are near the sea, in the desert or in the mountains. Each province has an outstanding season of its own, that has turned Kingdom into a tourist destination throughout the year
During the summer, the average temperature in Saudi Arabia is between 28 °- 42 ° C, and in winter, it falls between 8 °- 22 ° C. Atmospheric pressure is normally low during the summer and it increases during the winter, changing the speed and wind directions. During the winter due to rainfall, a temperate climate prevails in most of the provinces. Rains visit most of the provinces expect the Southern Highlands. In the western parts of Saudi Arabia, seasonal rains are heavier than other provinces during the summer. Recently, snowfall was in the North of Saudi Arabia had covered Tabuk region with a wide blanket ofice

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